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Golden Paste 4 oz.


The essential + magical ingredient in my golden milk recipe is this special Golden Paste! Quickly and conveniently make Golden Milk at home and incorporate the healing powers of turmeric into your daily life... just scoop out a teaspoon! Each 4 oz. jar will give you approximately 8 servings and stays fresh in the fridge for 4-6 weeks!

The recipe for my version of Golden Milk is featured on the label or you can play around by adding ginger, a pinch of cardamom, or some extra black pepper for maximum spicy-ness! Paste can also be added to coffee, smoothies, teas and curry dishes.

Every ingredient in my Golden Paste has healing properties: purified water, organic turmeric powder, black pepper, Himalayan pink salt, cinnamon and organic ghee. And it is all fresh and lovingly made-to-order in small batches!

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